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College Students on Break


Sheffield School of Accountancy and Management (SSAM) is a training institution offering various courses such as Accounting Foundation for Accounts Clerk, Human Resource Training, Effective Business Development and Sales Techniques and ACCA Courses. All our courses are Mauritius Qualifications Authority (MQA) Approved.

We have an excellent pool of lecturers; some with more than 15+, 30+ years of working experience. Our stringent policies around choices of courses and recruitment of lecturers allows us to keep an exceedingly high standard in what we offer. Our approach is to bridge the gap between theoretical teachings and what the practical side requires.

We take pride in being an agile school, consistently innovating in what we provide as courses and how we deliver them; be it online or in person.


Ashwin Rama

I welcome you to the learning community of Sheffield School of Accountancy and Management.

Throughout my working career I have always taken pride in coaching and assisting colleagues or friends. Creating this school has been a long time wish of mine, I am now able to fully focus on coaching and training others to achieve more in their respective life.

SSAM was established in 2018 with the aim of training people who want to invest in themselves, develop their competencies and be a difference in the labor force.

In 2020, we started our first course which is Accounting Foundation for Accounts Clerk and in its first year we have trained above 250 students. As at Dec 2022, we have trained more 1800 students in Accounting, Human Resource, Administrative & Secretarial and ACCA. 

We have trained School Leavers, ACCA Students, University Students, Entrepreneur and many companies such Emtel Ltd, MCB Consulting Ltd, CFAO Motors, Ambre Hotel, and many more.


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