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Frequently asked questions

Do we get a certificate after course completion?

Yes, you will get a Certificate which is MQA Approved also a Letter of recommendation to use for any job application. use it.

What does ACCA CPD mean?

CPD means Continuing Professional Development. With CPD, ACCA members can keep up to date with the latest skills and knowledge needed in today’s dynamic business world. Each year you are required to complete 40 units of CPD.

What happens if we miss a training session and how to inform the school?

if ever you have miss a session, we will make necessary arrangements for you to attend a substitute session or we may conduct it online. You can inform the school either by sending us a text or by phoning us directly.

Do we get payment facilities?

A deposit of Rs 2,000 is needed so as to secure your seat and the remaining balance is to settled within 4 weeks when the course has started. Any specific request should be taken up with us directly.

What type of job can we get after completing each course?

For Accounts Clerk training, you can get a job in Accounting Department, Administrative Clerk, secretarial tasks, payroll department and many more. For Business Development and Sales Techniques, it can develop your skills of managing a business and any position in sales. Communication skills help in various ways, how to speak or communicate to people, preparing for an interview.

Do you provide us work placement after the course?

we don’t offer job placement but we recommend you to a recruitment company with which we work closely where they look for interviews according to your profile or skills.

Can we still do the course if we don’t have any knowledge or qualification?

Of course yes, we are here to give you an opportunity to be develop your potential and have a better career ahead. We do have a set minimum criteria which you have to fill when completing your registration

Do you offer online course?

Yes, we do offer online course and time is very flexible. We can try to adjust according to students free time.