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Administrative & Secretarial Training

  • 5,000 Mauritian rupees

Service Description

This course has been designed to better help people how to communicate to others in various ways and for all categories of people. During the training, you will learn how to work on the following topics:. 1. Incorporation of Company - How to create a company / business 2. Restoration of Company - How to make a company become Active after having been defunct/removed from Registrar of Companies 3. Obligations of Companies toward the Authorities 4. Opening of Company Bank Account 5. Prepare Income Tax Return for Individual 6. Introduction of CSG Return for Companies & Self Employed 7. Filling of Financial Statement at Registrar of Companies & MRA 8. Transfer of Shares (Shareholders') 9. Appointment and Resignation of Directors' 10. Prepare Purchase Order, Quotation, Invoice, Credit Notes and other related documents 11. Accounts Receivables Statement Rewards: 1. A Certificate Approved by MQA and Accredited by ACCA Global recognized in 181 countries and a Letter of Recommendation for Job Application About the Trainer: The Trainer is a Mauritian with more than 15+, 30+ years of experience working with Local and International companies. Our lecturers have experience in various types of industry Manufacturing, Textile, Service Industry, Properties and Accounting Firm. Target People: School Leavers, ACCA Students, University Students, Employed or Unemployed people and Small Business Owners The course is MQA Approved and HRDC Refund (between 70% to 75%) and eligible up to 8 CPD for ACCA.

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