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Audit Training: A Practical Approach


  • 5,700 Mauritian rupees

Service Description

The course is for a duration of 4 weeks. It will be once per week, meaning in 4 sessions the students will complete the course. The full price for the course is Rs 5,500. The Audit Training is conducted on a practical basis where you will learn how Auditing work are performed in a company. It will be approximately 20% theoretical and 80% practical which means that you will be faced with real scenario how different tasks at work are performed and tackled at different levels. This course is very beneficial for any candidates because it will give you the required skills and knowledge which employers’ seeks before recruiting or promoting a candidates. What’s in for YOU? The course has been meticulously tailored for future leaders envisioning to build a career in the Auditing & Accounting . We acknowledge the present situation of the job market nationwide; specifically having work experiences. This course caters for all demands in a very innovative way, consolidating the base of accounting. During the training, you will learn how to work on the following topics:. Audit Framework and Regulation o Purpose of audit engagements o Statutory Audit o Appointments, removal and resignation of Auditors o Principles of professional ethics o Accepting Audit Appointments Internal Audit o Scope of Internal Audit o Role of Internal Audit Planning and Assessment o Introduction to risks o Materiality o Assessing and response to risks of Material Misstatement o Audit planning and documentation o Audit evidence Internal Control o Internal Control System o Tests of control Audit Evidence o Final Audit o Balance Sheet Audit Review and Reporting o Subsequent event o Audit Report Rewards: 1. A Certificate Approved by MQA and Accredited by KAPLAN UK 2. Letter of Recommendation for Job Application About the Trainer: The Trainer is a Mauritian with more than 15 years of experience working with Local and International companies. He has experience in various types of industry such as Auditing , service Industry, Properties and Accounting Firm. Target People: School Leavers, ACCA Students, University Students, Employed or Unemployed people and Small Business Owners The course is MQA Approved and HRDC Refund (between 70% to 75%) and eligible up to 8 CPD for ACCA.

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