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Business Development & Sales

  • 7,500 Mauritian rupees

Service Description

This course is for a duration of 7hr. It will be split over 3 session of approximately 2.5hr each or we can tailor made the course for a specific company based on their requirement. This is a course specifically designed to assist people, organizations, SMEs, working professionals to understand how to improve their business turnover through effective techniques within sales and business development. The following topics will be part of the training: Understand the economic impact of COVID 19 and how business is evolving Develop new Sales Techniques and become a successful Salesperson Understand the customer needs and how to pitch How to gain the clients interest and sell your product Learn to measure sales activities and work on forecasting We can also personalized the training according to your company needs. About the Trainer: Trainer is a Mauritian citizen currently residing in South Africa, with over 15+ years experience working in Mauritius and on the international level. He has experience across several industries including, tech, retail, financial and events. He has directly trained numerous private organizations in Mauritius both on B2B and B2C parts. Target People: Companies, School Leavers, University Students, Employed or Unemployed people and Small Business Owners The course is MQA Approved and HRDC Refund (between 70% to 75%) and eligible up to 7 CPD for ACCA.

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