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Human Resource (HR) Training

  • 5,800 Mauritian rupees

Service Description

This course has been designed for people who wants to work in the Human Resource and Administrative Department. HR is an important factor in a company. It plays a key role in developing, reinforcing and changing the culture of an organization. During the course you will learn a practical approach on HR. Learning objectives: Recruitment: Hiring and Get Hired! o Getting my CV ready o Preparing myself for an interview o Questions to expect/Questions to ask o Defining the good profile/Drafting a job description o Medium to recruit/Job posting o Interview tests/time frame/assessment o Interviewing skills- questions not to miss out o Offer of employment (tangibles/non tangibles) Introduction to Workers Rights Act o Intro to Workers Rights Act (type of contract, overtime, EOYB, notice period, disciplinary, termination, benefits, PRGF, etc.) o Basic clauses of contract of employment [working hours, reporting relationship, confidentiality, social charges) o Drafting a basic contract of employment Payroll basics o General payroll content o Overview of social charges in MRU (CSG, NSF, PRGF) o Overview of tax: PAYE, LEVY, EDF o Monthly and annual return (social charges & tax) o Overtime calculation (Workers’ Rights Act) o End of year Bonus o Bus fare refund/Work from home allowance/Meal allowance/Maternity benefit o HRDC procedures Performance evaluation: Being evaluated and evaluating someone! o Preparing to be evaluated/Do your self-evaluation o Know your performance management system o Know your KPIs (SMART)/Know your deadlines o Getting prepared to evaluate your subordinate o Dos and Don’ts as a TL/Manager o Set the objectives (exercise) The course will be for a total of 10hrs. Each session will be for 2 hours for a duration of 5 weeks.

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