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Entrepreneurship & Management

  • 12,000 Mauritian rupees

Service Description

The course of Entrepreneurship & Management has been built to help and advice people who want to set up their business and different techniques how to manage it at different levels. During the training, you will learn on the following topics: 1. How to Incorporate your company and your obligations towards the Authority 2. How to target your clients based on your business activity 3. Marketing & Supply Chain Management 4. Marketing Methods to be used based on your business activity 5. Preparing a business plan for loan, leasing, and others 6. Registering for SMEs 7. How to keep good records of your company to avoid issues with MRA and other Authorities 8. Managing your Debtors and Creditors 9. Managing financial aspects of the company 10. How to avoid Cash Flow problems 11. Human Resource Skills 12. Workers Right Act (Overtime, Bonus, Allowances, Local Leaves, Sick Leaves, CSG, NSF, PAYE, PRGF) At the end of the course, you will be able to think differently how to manage your business more effectively. About the Trainer: Our trainers are already businessperson, where they will teach you how much to manage your business more efficiently for its growth. They are currently business consultants for many companies. We have trainer who are employed in companies and are at Management levels where they are involved in business decision making. The complete course will be for over 5 sessions for a total duration of 10hrs. Each session will be approximately 1hr30 minute. The course is MQA Approved and HRDC Refund and eligible up to 10 CPD

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